The Raft, 2015
The Raft, 2015
The Raft, 2015
The Raft - Mississippi River, 2015
Black Star, Coltrane and Young, 2015
Aretha Franklin (left) Public Enemy (right), 2015
The Byrds, Charles
Hank Williams (left) John Coltrane (right), 2015
Odetta, Dylan and Cash, 2015
The Louvin Brothers (left) The Clash (right), 2015

The BOILER / PIEROGI is proud to present a collaborative video projection and installation by Rico Gatson and Chris Larson, The Raft.

The Raft is a multi-channel video and sound installation. Gatson and Larson have been friends and colleagues for almost 30 years since they studied art together at Bethel University in St. Paul Minnesota. Referencing the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Gatson and Larson perform on top of a moveable platform measuring ten feet square. Surrounded by various detritus, they play records from their personal collections spanning the legacy of popular music. Selections range from Mahalia Jackson and Patsy Cline to The Clash and Fats Domino. The role of music has played an important and instrumental role in both artists’ lives, studio practices, and relationships. The setting is Larson’s studio located near the Mississippi River, in St. Paul, MN. The studio is traditionally seen as a sacred space, the place where ideas are generated and the work is created. Gatson and Larson see this location as essential to re-envisioning aspects of this American tale.

The exhibition will consist of four projections. The central piece is a three-channel video with a duration of 3 hours. The fourth projection is an endlessly looped video filmed on the Mississippi River in the glistening late afternoon sunlight.

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